The Project

Ephemeral Ethernal is a high-end curated NFT platform for affordable drops and web3 projects, presenting original works by a wide selection of contemporary artists articulating exceptionally poignant and unique creative voices. Emerging from the growing debate surrounding the materiality, perpetuity and inherent value of artworks, along with the very nature of art itself, it represents a provocation: plunging into the future and questioning the structures that support our concept and experience of modernity.

Leveraging the power of NFT-based works and digital art, Ephemeral Ethernal fully embodies the spirit of this new technology, upending the rules of digital ownership and clearing the way towards the end of ephemeral art, evolving or even elevating it into a new plain of existence, akin to that of what was once understood as the ether: weightless, transparent, frictionless, undetectable chemically or physically, and literally permeating all matter and space.